Residential HVAC Design Basics for HERS Raters

July 30, 2020

Builders, General Contractors

Instructor(s) and PaCE Assignee: Russell King

Register now for this RESNET webinar with Russell King, M.E. of CalCERTS, as he covers the basic residential HVAC design principles, including ACCA Manuals J, S and D – load calculations, sizing equipment, and designing the duct system. HERS Raters are becoming more and more responsible for verifying proper design. This class will help explain why certain items need to be checked and what happens if they are done incorrectly. Just doing Manual J, S and D calculations does not always ensure optimal performance. Other factors come into play, such as supply register locations, thermostat location, and duct layout. We will also cover why oversizing equipment can cause as many comfort complaints as undersizing.

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Worth 1 EEN Credits

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