Daikin Ductless Minisplit Product Overview

May 27, 2020
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Engineers, HVAC Contractors, HVAC Technicians

Join Daikin in partnership with the Efficiency Excellence Network and FW Webb for a Ductless Minisplit Product overview. Course objectives:

  • Vermont rebates and the Efficiency Excellence Network overview
  • Daikin Single and Multi-Zone systems overview
  • Daikin Aurora enhanced capacity systems
  • Daikin DZKS zoning system
  • Daikin Skyair product overview
  • Daikin Asure extended labor warranty

Additional Information

Worth 2 EEN Credits


Meeting ID: 985 7403 6842

Efficiency Vermont cannot endorse specific products or vouch for the safety of products. Training materials and content covered during the training represent the manufacturer’s opinion and not Efficiency Vermont.