Net Zero and Heat Pumps

January 12, 2019
1:00 pm

Location: Brandon Town Hall, 1 Conant Square, Brandon, VT 05733

Matt Sharpe

Zero Energy for Your Home: Making it Possible

Zero Energy Workshop: A Zero Energy Home generates as much energy as it uses by combining energy efficiency improvements, solar electric, and alternative heating systems. Discover how the methods and costs of Zero Energy Homes have moved within reach for average Vermont homeowners. This workshop will cover principles and benefits, an overview of the latest technological advances, including heat pumps, solar electric, and modern wood heating, and tips on how much to invest in and pay for these improvements.

Followed by:Do Cold Climate Heat Pumps Make Sense for You?

Heat Pump Workshop: Cold climate heat pumps have rapidly emerged as a promising technology for Vermont. Come to this informal workshop to learn about heat pump options for both hot water and space heating to see if they make sense for your home. This workshop will cover the latest in heat pump technology, the relative economics of using heat pumps versus other fuel sources, successful case studies, and financial and technical resources. The workshop will be led by Matt Sharpe. The workshop will be held at the Brandon Town Hall starting at 1pm.