How much money can you actually get in clean energy incentives?

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Have you ever hoped for a one-stop shop to find rebates to make your home greener? Welcome to our all-new, energy opportunities calculator, brought to you in partnership with Rewiring America. 

How to use the Rewiring America calculator:  

Enter your zip code, household size, income, tax filing, and homeowner status to see a summary of the total incentives available to you. The tool will serve you details about the potential incentives available in your zip code. Give it a try below! 

Efficiency Vermont is not responsible for the information displayed through the Rewiring America Calculator. Find detailed information about Efficiency Vermont rebates here.

How is this related to the Inflation Reduction Act?

The Federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), passed in August 2022, provides incentives for homeowners and businesses to switch to clean energy sources. These federal incentives became available for making improvements to your home that save energy in 2023. Combined with Efficiency Vermont, state, and utility rebates these Federal incentives can significantly reduce the cost of energy efficiency projects. This tool includes federal and state incentives based on your zip code.

What kinds of incentives will the tool show me?

Some popular projects include:

  • Insulation and air-sealing
  • Weatherized windows and doors
  • Energy-efficient electric appliances
  • Electric vehicles and charging equipment
  • Heat pump heating systems
  • Heat pump water heaters
How to get started

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