COVID-19 Update:

To protect the health of our staff and our customers, Efficiency Vermont offices are closed to the public. We have cautiously begun scheduling project related site visits when required. You can find more information on our safety protocols here.

We know that you need support in reducing energy costs now more than ever, and we will continue to launch new offers and programs over the course of the summer. In the mean time, our customer support team is available to help you remotely. Contact us at (888) 921-5990 or

Community-wide Energy Savings in Barre City

Efficiency Vermont, Barre City, and local partners are bringing special energy-saving opportunities to Barre City residents, businesses, non-profits, and rental property owners.

Barre City

Through 12/31/2020

Barre City Saves

Barre City saves

Through 2020, Efficiency Vermont is partnering with Barre City's local agencies and organizations to bring special energy-saving offers, services, and events to help the community save energy and live, work, and play more comfortably.

If you have an energy efficiency question or idea for your home, rental property, or business, contact us! We are here to serve your energy needs.

For businesses

Virtual Business Energy Consultations

Virtual consultations are available for Barre City businesses and rental property owners. We'll identify quick and comprehensive projects that will help cut energy costs and boost operational savings. Until we can visit your space in person, virtual consultations are held over phone or video. Contact us to get started.

For residents

We’re here to help make your home more comfortable, resilient, and energy efficient. Start with a home energy visit to learn about the efficiency projects you can do yourself or with the help of a contractor. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective and valuable areas of opportunity!

What's a Virtual Home Energy Visit?

During a virtual home energy visit, an Efficiency Vermont energy consultant will meet with you over video to evaluate areas of the home like windows, the attic, basement, and appliances. You'll get a list of all the energy-saving opportunities identified and available financial incentives. Sign up for your visit today! Once you're signed up, prepare to get the most out of it using these tips.

Featured rebates

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR illustration Up to $4,000 off comprehensive insulation, air sealing, and ventilation projects to ensure safety, health, and comfort.

DIY Weatherization

DIY Weatherization illustration Get cash back on materials for DIY projects including weather-stripping, insulation, and air sealing.

Heat Pump Heating and Cooling System

Heat Pump Heating and Cooling System illustration Get rebates up to $700 on a cold climate heat pump, which doubles as air conditioning in summer.

Meet the organizer

Photo of organizer

Meet Brad, your community organizer! He is here to help create community-specific goals, facilitate educational activities, and identify efficiency opportunities for residents, businesses, municipalities, and non-profits. You can catch him at our upcoming events or email him here.

Why Barre City?

This year, Efficiency Vermont is working with key stakeholders, including VCRD, Vermont Electric Co-op, Green Mountain Power, VPPSA, the Vermont State Agency of Commerce and Community Development, and the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network to select communities for this year-long initiative. Stakeholders look at energy burden data, data from the Vermont Community Foundation, geographic location, and demographics to select communities. Thanks for letting us spend time with you in 2020! By working together, we are able to help Vermonters achieve their goals to reduce emissions, save energy, save money, and strengthen their communities.


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We are delighted to work with these local organizations to bring exclusive efficiency offers and services to your community.

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