Saving $600
per year
Saving 55
MMBtu per year
“Our home now tends to stay at a livable 65 degrees, even with the heat way down. Kevin and I feel that our place is truly buttoned up. This project is one of the best gifts we have given to each other.”
Jessica Gulley-Ward,
Residential Story - 2014 - Bennington, Bennington County 

Jessica Gulley-Ward and Kevin Ward’s Bennington ranch had some issues. Attic spaces weren’t properly sealed and the dirt-floor basement, which extended into a crawl space underneath the bedrooms, was poorly insulated. The result was a winter home temperature regularly 15 degrees cooler than the thermostat setting.

The couple heard about the benefits of energy efficiency through a local radio show, and contacted Thomas Reuter of Shaping Energies in Rutland. After a home energy assessment, Reuter and the couple came up with an energy investment plan that included:

  • Installing cellulose loose-fill insulation in the open attic spaces above the main living quarters and bedrooms
  • Performing air-sealing throughout the home, including air penetration areas in the attic and along floor and ceiling moldings
  • Upgrading insulation in the basement/crawl space, and applying closed-cell spray foam insulation to rim joists

The couple helped offset project costs with incentives from Efficiency Vermont.

The result? The home’s air leakage has been reduced by 61%—saving the couple an estimated $600 per year in energy costs, and keeping them far more comfortable.

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