Saving $63,570
per year
Saving 450,000
kWh per year
Efficiency Vermont took the time to educate us and present us with various options, including payback projections.
Walter Frame,
Executive Vice President and Director
Business Story - 2017 - Stowe, Lamoille County 

The Trapp Family Lodge prides itself on preserving a bit of old-school Austrian charm in the hills of Vermont. In fact, until recently, the four-season resort still relied on old-fashioned incandescent bulbs in most of their buildings, as CFLs wouldn’t provide the warm tones, dimmability, or various bulb shapes that are essential to their atmosphere. But incandescent bulbs are costly to operate and replace.

Fortunately, today’s LED bulbs are very energy efficient and are produced in a variety of styles compatible with every aesthetic. From three-way-bulbs in guest rooms to candelabra bulbs in the lodge, to a custom-designed statement light in the new Bier Hall… all with color rendering and warmth that’s just right for the space they light, every LED bulb at the Trapp Family Lodge is in keeping with their highly designed look and feel.

According to Walter Frame, Executive Vice President and Director of Trapp Family Lodge: “The LEDs are working wonderfully. Not only the reduction in energy—the quality of light works for us, too; and they seem to be a lot easier for our maintenance staff to take care of.”

LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, greatly reducing replacement costs, including labor, and improving the guest experience at the same time. The 2,500 acre Trapp Family Lodge uses some 5,000 bulbs, so the savings adds up quickly. They’re saving about 450,000 kWh, every year.

“We’ve developed a really nice relationship with Efficiency Vermont,” Says Walter. “We rely on them to educate us on various opportunities, and they showed us that LEDs were a great option, allowing us to kill two birds with one stone—highly designed lighting that’s also energy efficient.”

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