Lisai’s Market saves $11k per year with LED and refrigeration upgrades

“The old lighting burnt out so often, it was hard to find the time to fix it. So it might sit there, broken, for a month. The new lighting doesn’t do that. Now the store looks much more inviting, and the products look fresher. I know that sales have increased.”

Lonnie Lisai, Owner, Lisai’s Market, Chester
Chester, Windsor County -

Lisai’s market, like most grocery stores, has high energy costs. Coolers and freezers work hard around the clock, and lights must be kept on more than thirteen hours each day. Third-generation owner Lonnie Lisai worked with Efficiency Vermont and Arctic Air Refrigeration to upgrade his refrigeration system, including:

  • Installed night curtains to reduce the amount of energy needed to keep open cases cool after hours
  • Added humidity-based door heater controls
  • Integrated high-efficiency evaporator fan motors and controls to walk-in coolers and freezers

Arctic Air worked seamlessly with Efficiency Vermont to ensure that equipment and products installed would qualify for rebates, and that Lonnie would see a nice return on his investment.

Lonnie also switched out all his case lighting for LEDs. Besides requiring far fewer watts for the same brightness, LEDs run cooler than other lights and last longer.

Lonnie plans to reinvest his savings back into the store, to help keep up with other demands.

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