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Saving $11,460
per year
Saving 71,960
kWh per year
“The energy savings are substantial, but the tangential economic benefits are equally impressive. By switching to LEDs we’re saving labor, and the cooler lights make performers happier, too.”
Bruce Bouchard,
Executive Director
Business Story - 2014 - Rutland, Franklin County 

The Paramount Theatre has been a mainstay of downtown Rutland since 1914. While placing a high value on tradition, the theater has also thrived by being forward thinking, including in its approach to energy use.

In 2014, the theater worked with Efficiency Vermont and local lighting contractor Dark Star Lighting and Production to update half of its stage lights from incandescent to LED, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Comfort—LEDs emit a fraction of the heat incandescent bulbs do—keeping performers much cooler under the lights, and reducing demand for air conditioning.
  • Versatility—The new lights change color with the flip of a switch, vastly improving the way color can be used in a show. The old incandescent bulbs had to be manually fitted with a tinted film for each new color, increasing the number of fixtures required to light a show.
  • Savings—On top of energy savings, the Paramount is reducing labor costs. Longer-lasting LED technology and remote color-changing capability mean employees are working on ladders less often.

Reducing overhead costs and increasing technical capabilities have allowed the Paramount Theatre to continue its tradition of serving as a vibrant artistic center and top Rutland destination.

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