King Arthur Flour expansion bakes in $27k savings with efficient construction

“Through this work, the customer experience has just been transformed—more classes, more education, and better business.”

Steve Cochran, Vice President of Infrastructure, King Arthur Flour, Norwich
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Norwich , Windsor County -

King Arthur Flour understands the baker’s experience. This has led to incredible growth for the employee-owned company. To provide its customers with “the ultimate baking experience,” King Arthur Flour underwent a $10 million expansion in 2013.

Working with Efficiency Vermont's new construction services, King Arthur Flour chose to incorporate energy-efficient design and materials wherever possible. The new building doubled the size of its baking education center and commercial baking space, and expanded the retail space by 150%. King Arthur wanted to ensure that its operations would be efficient and help save money in the long run. Now the company is saving an estimated $27,000 each year, compared with a similar facility built to today’s code.

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