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Saving $48,704
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Saving 344,749
kWh per year
It makes financial sense to work with Efficiency Vermont. From our perspective, the rebates and the cost savings on electricity, service, and maintenance have made our investment very worthwhile.
Carl Ruprect,
Property Manager, Jolley convenience stores
Business Story - 2016 - South Burlington, Chittenden County 

The lights are always on at Jolley convenience stores. With 35 locations in Vermont—nine of them open 24 hours—the locally owned, popular convenience store chain is figuring out ways to cut energy costs.

Each Jolley store uses between 250 to 400 light bulbs and fixtures, and stores remain lit at all times. Property Manager Carl Ruprect worked with Efficiency Vermont to assess the growing company’s energy needs and determine which efficiency upgrades made the most financial sense. So far, Jolley stores have undergone a variety of upgrades, including:

  • Installation of LED interior, parking, and canopy lighting covered by warranty
  • Construction of new beer caves (walk-in coolers) with LED lighting and energy efficient motors, compressors, and floating head controls

Jolley has responded to Vermont’s booming craft beer industry by giving customers exactly what they want—a wide selection of beer in stores. In Vermont, which has the most craft breweries per capita in the country, beer caves with LED lighting are built into the design plans at every new Jolley store. The Jolley in Ferrisburgh will complete this year a 1,400-square-foot beer cave, their largest in the state. Carl says the beer caves allow Jolley to display more products and thereby increase sales—a win-win for the company and beer lovers.

With all the money saved on energy costs and rebates, Carl hopes to eventually upgrade as many Jolley stores as possible.

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