Saving $3,000
per year
“This winter, my family is toasty warm and I’m not worrying about the fuel bills.”
Simone Colby,
Residential Story - 2015 - Vergennes, Addison County 

Simone Colby lives with her kids in a high-performance modular home in Vergennes. While Colby's new home approximates the size and shape of the mobile home that once sat on the same site, that is where the resemblance ends. Traditional mobile homes are not designed for harsh winters, and are difficult to keep warm.

Colby’s VerMod home, built in Wilder, VT, will use 75 percent less energy than a traditional mobile home. It can keep energy costs low and occupants cozy all year long. High-performance modular homes feature:

  • Walls, ceilings, and floors that are thick and well insulated
  • Ventilation that works efficiently and brings in fresh air without sacrificing cost or comfort
  • Hot water, heating and cooling systems and appliances that operate efficiently
  • Energy monitoring system to help homeowners control energy use

This winter, and for many winters to come, Colby and her family will have a stable energy bill and a comfortable, warm home.

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