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We’ve been extremely fortunate to have Efficiency Vermont’s guidance in our efficiency retrofits.
Abbie Webb,
Sustainability Director
Business Story - 2018 - Rutland, Rutland County 

Vermonters all over the state know Casella Waste Systems as haulers of curbside trash and recycling. But few people know brothers Doug and John Casella brought large-scale recycling to Vermont in 1977 and have been driven by a commitment to sustainable resource management ever since. Today, that commitment is evident in their Rutland headquarters, where the company takes innovative steps to reduce energy use by working with Efficiency Vermont. Their most recent efficiency upgrade slashed annual energy costs by more than five thousand dollars.

Casella Waste Systems achieved these savings by investing in equipment that uses hot air from their data center to heat offices, cutting propane use by 80%. The project is one of the numerous efficiency improvements that the company has made since 2004 with the help of a designated account manager from Efficiency Vermont. Addressing lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling and more, these upgrades have improved more than a dozen Casella Waste System facilities throughout the state. In all, these efforts have slashed the company’s yearly energy costs by more than $110 thousand dollars.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate to have Efficiency Vermont’s guidance in our efficiency retrofits,” said Abbie Webb, Sustainability Director for Casella Waste Systems. “We take a strategic approach to sustainability, so we value the long-term working relationship we have with our Efficiency Vermont account manager, Cathy Reynolds. She goes out of her way for us.”

Efficiency Vermont Account Manager Cathy Reynolds stays aware of Casella Waste Systems’ priorities over time, giving objective advice on the best approaches for both short and long-term energy management. Efficiency Vermont provides these customized solutions for the largest energy users in the state as well as services to meet the particular energy needs of Vermont businesses of all sizes and homes statewide.