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Gene Richards,
Aviation Director of Burlington International Airport
Business Story - 2010 - South Burlington, Chittenden County 

A few years ago, Burlington International Airport (BTV) sorely needed to add parking and make capital improvements. They wanted to expand their facility to increase their parking capacity and improve the customer experience.

They worked with Burlington Electric Department and Efficiency Vermont to tackle this challenge. Starting with lighting, BTV replaced every incandescent and outdated fluorescent bulb in their facility with an energy-efficient bulb. They upgraded the existing parking garage bulbs to LED lighting technology and eliminated unnecessary lighting fixtures. Efficiency Vermont helped BTV to carefully plan the placement of fixtures and use of lighting controls in the parking garage expansion. In the end, the airport’s parking garage was twice the size of the old one and using less than half the energy.

BTV also upgraded their heating and cooling system, which was more than 50 years old and relied on an antiquated method of mixing hot and cold air—constantly—to produce fresh, temperate ventilation. The new system, a combination chiller and air-handling unit, senses the actual needs of the building and its occupants, and delivers just the right amount of warm or cold air to keep things comfortable.

These energy-efficient upgrades reduced BTV’s power usage by 20%, even as operations expanded by 50%. Not only is the airport saving energy and money every year; the space is more accommodating and comfortable for travelers and staff.

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