Saving $325
per year
“The difference is incredible. Now the whole home is toasty, and we use much less wood to achieve that. At my age, it just makes sense to plan ahead.”
Buddy Behrendt,
Residential Story - 2014 - Windham, Franklin County 

Lynn and Buddy Behrendt’s 1860s farmhouse used to require six to seven cords of wood to heat each winter, and it was still drafty and cold.

After hearing from his neighbor about efficiency work she did on her home, Behrendt called Efficiency Vermont customer support to explore his options. After a quick phone assessment, staff mapped out a project plan and connected Behrendt to a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor.

Working with Vermont Foam Insulation, Inc., of Chester, the Behrendts added insulation to their attic and knee walls, spray-foamed their basement walls, and air-sealed throughout. The project took one day, and the results were immediate. The Behrendts are now saving an average of 1.5 cords of wood annually, and they are far more comfortable.

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