Improve your property with Efficiency Vermont

Upgrades to lighting, heating, ventilation, and water systems give your rental property operational savings and long-term stability.

  • Increase tenant retention
  • Lower utility bills for you, or your tenants
  • Offer tenants an energy efficient space
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Case Study: 78 Barre St., Montpelier

This building houses three apartments and a business. Tenants experienced persistent mold issues and drafts caused by insufficient ventilation, air sealing and insulation. After taking a holistic look at the space, the owners developed a plan to address comfort, health, and utility bills.

Since these improvements were completed, the building feels warmer and the chronic mold is no longer an issue. Plus, the project is paying for itself through lower utility bills even faster than anticipated.

Some of our low income tenants couldn’t absorb scheduled rent increases. By lowering their utility costs, we were able to increase rents while keeping reliable tenants. Our renters are more comfortable and have fewer complaints.
Barbara Conrey
Rental property owner, Montpelier

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