Incentives for Your Home Energy Project.

Efficiency Vermont offers up to $2,100 in incentives per household to help Vermonters pay for energy efficiency home improvements completed by a certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor.

Your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor will assist you in understanding the incentives that may be available for your project, and will provide you with the paperwork you need to receive the incentives. Working with a certified contractor also assures that the project results in real energy savings and is installed safely.

If you own a condominium and have natural gas service, please contact Vermont Gas at (802) 863-4511 to determine your eligibility for incentives.

pdf Download the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR incentives table


Step 1: Have a whole-house energy efficiency audit on your home.

Home Energy Efficiency Audit

Qualifying Criteria: A whole-house home energy efficiency audit conducted by a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor.

Customer Incentive: $100 discount* from your contractor on an energy audit. Ask your contractor for details.

*Cannot be combined with the NeighborWorks H.E.A.T. Squad program. H.E.A.T. Squad customers receive a $100 audit made possible in part by Efficiency Vermont.

Step 2: Meet the minimum requirements.

Energy Efficiency Home Improvement:
Minimum Overall Requirement

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Air leakage reduction ≥ 10% as measured by a pre- and post- blower door test.
  • Install all recommended health and safety improvements including mechanical ventilation, CO detectors, or other essential health and safety improvements.


Customer Incentive: $500

Step 3: Complete any relevant additional energy improvements.

Reduce air leakage as measured by a pre- and post- blower door test.

Customer Incentive:
20-35% reduction: $250
≥ 35%reduction: $500

Install insulation meeting the following R-value criteria:

Location: Attic Flat
Existing Insulation: R-value ≤ R-16
New Insulation*: R-value ≥ R-49

Location: Foundation/rim-joists
Existing Insulation: R-value ≤ R-6
New Insulation*: R-value ≥ R-15

All other locations:

Existing Insulation: R-value ≤ R-6
New Insulation*: R-value ≥ R-12

Existing Insulation: R-values > R-6 and ≤ R-8
New Insulation*: R-value ≥ R-18

Existing Insulation: R-values > R-8 and ≤ R-16
New Insulation*: R-value ≥ R-49
Customer Incentive: per sq. ft. of additional insulation

Install at least $200 of duct sealing, leak repair, boiler pipe insulation, or other heat distribution improvements.

Customer Incentive: $75

Step 4: Add the comprehensive bonus incentive, for "whole house" projects that substantially improve the air tightness and insulation levels of the home.

Energy Efficiency Home Improvement
Comprehensive Retrofit Bonus Package

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Reduce air leakage ≥ 35% as measured by a pre- and post- blower door test.
  • Install insulation in areas equivalent to at least 75% of the home’s finished floor area (example: a 2,000 sq. ft home could qualify by installing 1,000 sq. ft of insulation in the attic and 500 sq. ft of insulation in the walls). Insulation must meet the above criteria for pre- and post- effective R-value.


Customer Incentive: $250

Step 5: Calculate your total incentive based on the completed energy efficiency home improvements.

Maximum incentive for energy audit and improvements listed above: $2,100

Additional Heating System Incentive

Replace existing heating system with a new ENERGY STAR certified system. See your contractor for details on qualifying criteria or view the heating system rebate form.

Customer Incentive: $500

* Energy code must be followed for all installations.