Choose ENERGY STAR® and Save.

Home electronics products, such as televisions, computers and monitors, DVD players, digital video recorders, and audio equipment, account for about 15% of household electricity use. Although they may be turned off, many of these products still use electricity while they are in "standby / off" power mode to maintain digital clocks, displays, and other internal features.

An ENERGY STAR qualified electronic has met strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. They use less energy when the product is on and also less energy when it's in stand-by, sleep or "off" mode. ENERGY STAR qualified electronic products offer the same features and technologies as non-qualified products, but they use less energy, and this saves you money on your electric bill. Many of the most popular brands make ENERGY STAR qualified models that have all the latest featured and technologies that you are looking for. ENERGY STAR electronics save money and energy without losing quality or performance.

Advanced Power Strips 

When your electronics are off, they may still use power, and you pay for it. An Advanced Power Strip (APS) shuts off the power for you. Learn More.

Computers and Monitors

An ENERGY STAR qualified computer delivers substantial savings over a conventional computer. Learn More.


You can find the ENERGY STAR label on everything from LCD or plasma TVs to advanced 3-D TVs, with all the features you are looking for plus ENERGY STAR qualified TVs use about 40% less energy than standard units. Learn More.