Energy usage is an important consideration when purchasing a new computer. An ENERGY STAR® labeled laptop or desktop computer uses as much as 65% less electricity than computers without the ENERGY STAR label.

Here's why:

  • ENERGY STAR qualified computers use 30 to 65% less energy than standard computers, depending on use.
  • Computers earning the ENERGY STAR label have more efficient internal power supplies than standard computers and they automatically go into low-power sleep modes after a designated period of inactivity. Low-power modes reduce the spinning of the hard disk, which decreases power consumption.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified computers save energy while in active use and while in stand-by mode.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified monitors consume two watts or less in sleep mode and a maximum of one watt when off.
  • On average, computer monitors that have earned the ENERGY STAR use 20% less energy than standard monitors, depending on use.