New Construction

Family with a baby in their home

"We are thrilled to say that contrary to popular belief, it is possible to build green on a budget. We were able to build our dream green home for the same price we would have paid for an existing home in the area."

Susan and Ryan, ENERGY STAR® homeowners in Williston

You’re building your dream home—don’t sacrifice comfort and quality.

Building with energy efficiency in mind means a more comfortable, durable home. You’ll be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You’ll breathe healthier indoor air. You can also expect to pay a lot less in maintenance costs and monthly energy bills. And by saving energy, you’ll be contributing to a healthier environment for all Vermonters.

Whatever your budget, you can make your new home energy efficient with Efficiency Vermont's Residential New Construction Services.

Efficiency Vermont partners with hundreds of Vermont builders who are motivated to build homes that are durable, energy efficient, safe, and healthy for your family to live in.

An energy efficient home means:

  • proper insulation
  • minimal air leakage
  • efficient heating and cooling
  • efficient appliances and lighting
  • efficient windows

I'm already working with a builder. Sign us up!

Contact us as early in your project as possible—ideally before your designs are complete. We will talk with you and your contractor about the best approach for meeting your objectives.

Please note: in order to participate in any of Efficiency Vermont’s residential new construction program, you will need a "pre-drywall inspection." This means that we need to see your insulation before drywall goes up.

I need to find a builder

You will need to decide whether you will be the general contractor or you will rely on the builder to be the general contractor.

  • Do you want to find a builder/ general contractor who has experience in building energy-efficient homes in Vermont? Find a builder near you.
  • Considering being your own contractor and want to know more about the building requirements? Visit our Partner Section or call us at 800-893-1997