Start Saving Today!

We've customized this list to help you save money in your home today with Efficiency Vermont rebates, and for years to come with energy savings.


Lighting accounts for about 20% of annual household electricity bills, or approximately $200 per year on average. Start saving today with energy-efficient lighting choices like CFLs and LEDs for your home.

Audits, Insulation & Air Sealing

Efficiency Vermont offers up to $2,100 in incentives per household to help Vermonters pay for energy efficiency home improvements completed by a certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor. Make your home energy efficient with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.


Look for the ENERGY STAR label and save. Efficiency Vermont offers rebates on select ENERGY STAR models.

Home Electronics

Choose ENERGY STAR labeled electronics and save.

Advanced Power Strips

Maximize your energy savings with an Advanced Power Strip. When your electronics are off, they may still use power. An Advanced Power Strip shuts off the power for you.

Meter Loan

Are you wondering why you have high electric bills? You can measure how much electricity your appliances or electronic devices use with the Watts Up Electric Meter. Borrow one for free.

Swimming Pools

Do you have a pool? Start saving on your summer energy bills with a new energy-efficient pool pump! Learn more about rebates on efficient pool pump purchase and installation.