Building a New Home

Build in energy efficiency, and set the stage for your future.

A photo of a new energy efficient home

"We made a great investment. Our heating load is greatly reduced, and this is a house our family can depend on."

Homeowner Bill Kallock, Charlotte, Vermont

Why build an energy-efficient home?

A photo of a family's feet in front of a fireplace.


Air sealing reduces drafts, and proper insulation keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A photo of a newly constructed wood stairway.

Quality and Durability

Improved airtightness, quality insulation details, and controlled ventilation can positively impact the durability of your home and the health and comfort of you and your family.

Certified ENERGY STAR® appliances ensure efficiency and solid performance.

A photo of a couple with documents and a calculator.

Long-term Affordability

Energy-efficient homes protect you from high electricity and fuel bills. Reduced maintenance over time means you’re paying less for upkeep each month, too.

Get these benefits, plus special financing options and cash incentives, by partnering with Efficiency Vermont.

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