Paying for Your Energy Efficiency Project

It's never been easier to pay for energy-saving home improvements

Common Types of Home Energy Loans in Vermont

Type of Loan Criteria for Approval Interest Rate Closing Costs Term Is this option right for you? Find a Lender
PACE Equity in home, Debt to Income ratio, Energy Savings are counted as income 0%-6.00% 2% of financed amount. Can be rolled into total amount to be financed. up to 20 years Homeowners who live in a PACE District can access funds with low, fixed payments. If you don’t plan on being in your home very long, payments can be transferred to the new owner because PACE is tied to the property rather than the person. Learn more about PACE
Heat Saver Loan Using a participating contractor to perform the work 0%-4.99% Low. Can be rolled into total amount to be financed. Up to 15 years Low interest financing for for eligible thermal energy efficiency purchases and upgrades, but in order to qualify, your project must have been completed by a qualifying contractor. Learn more about the Heat Saver loan
PERSONAL LOAN (secured or unsecured) FICO Score 5-12% Low, can sometimes be rolled into total amount to be financed 7 If you have the cash flow — and motivation — to pay off your loan quickly, a personal loan is a good choice. Vermont Lenders
HOME EQUITY LOAN Equity in home, Debt to Income Ratio 5.25% Medium, can be rolled into total amount to be financed 15 A good choice if you are concerned with minimizing financial risk by offsetting the low cost of the monthly payment plans with money made available by energy savings. Vermont Lenders
30 YEAR MORTGAGE Equity in home, Debt to Income ratio 4-5% High, can be rolled into total amount to be financed 30 This is a good option for long term homeowners who prefer a loan with predictable, moderate payments. Estimated energy savings can cover the cost of the loan payments and generate positive cash flow. Vermont Lenders

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