Helping small business and residential rental property owners improve buildings and boost their bottom lines.

When you have a drafty building, you aren't just losing heat, you're losing money. The Building Performance program assists small business and rental property owners with improving the insulation and comfort of buildings, while boosting bottom lines. Building Performance rebates will reduce the cost of audits and insulation upgrades: Efficiency Vermont offers up to $5,100 per building to help pay for energy efficiency improvements completed by a participating Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor.

Call Efficiency Vermont toll-free at 888-921-5990 to find out if a building energy audit may be appropriate for your building.

Get Started Today

Follow these steps to have a successful Building Performance project and receive eligible rebates for your energy efficiency improvements.

  1. Find a Contractor

    When you're ready to begin your energy efficiency improvements, the first step is to find a participating BPI contractor.

    Contractors are certified by the Building Performance Institute to perform energy audits, diagnose building problems such as moisture, mold, and ice dams, and install the recommended energy efficiency improvements.

  2. Review Your Work Scope and Learn About Incentives

    Your BPI certified contractor will provide a work scope for recommended energy efficiency improvements and help you prioritize within your budget. Your contractor will also share an estimate of the Efficiency Vermont rebates that may be available for your project, if it is completed as recommended.

  3. Complete the Work

    If you choose to move forward, your contractor will complete the recommended improvements and conduct a final "test-out" of your building to measure the air leakage reduction and ensure that ventilation and health and safety issues have been addressed.

  4. Receive Your Rebate

    When the work is complete, your contractor will provide you with a final rebate form to submit to Efficiency Vermont. Efficiency Vermont will send you an incentive check within 60 days.

  5. Enjoy the Benefits of Your Energy Efficiency Improvements