Increase workplace comfort and reduce operating costs.

For nearly all Vermont businesses, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) costs make up a large part of operating expenses. Businesses can save money, increase equipment reliability, and create more comfortable and productive workplaces by making energy-efficient choices when installing, renovating, or replacing HVAC equipment. Businesses that have complex needs or processes such as data storage and manufacturing can benefit from money-saving efficient air conditioning and ventilation, while maintaining the reliability of systems and products.

Today’s HVAC equipment uses significantly less energy to operate than equipment used just a decade ago. Efficiency Vermont provides standard rebates to Vermont businesses for installing a wide range of new, energy-efficient HVAC equipment. Custom rebates and technical assistance may be available for technologies or projects not listed on our rebate forms. We also offer advice to get the most cost savings from HVAC controls.


  • Central Air Conditioning - ENERGY STAR® qualified light-commercial central cooling systems use 7-10% less energy than standard equipment. (Source: