Success Stories

St.Albans Coop — St.Albans

St.Albans Coop

The St. Albans Cooperative Creamery has been processing milk and managing sales for their member-owners since 1919. Along with the processing plant they run the St. Albans Cooperative Store, a retail outlet stocked with agricultural and general supplies. The co-op has been a mainstay of Franklin County commerce for nearly 100 years and, thanks in part to some recent upgrades, is positioned to serve the community for many years to come.

Paramount Theatre — Rutland

Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre has been a mainstay of downtown Rutland since 1914. While placing a high value on tradition, the theater has made some very forward-thinking upgrades over the years, including a recent stage lighting upgrade that’s saving them $3,120 annually.

Sterling Market — Johnson

Sterling Market

Business owner Mike Comeau was in the midst of renovating his newly leased grocery store space when an electrician pointed out that the existing lighting was very inefficient and would be costly to operate. Mike wanted to upgrade to more efficient lighting, but there simply wasn’t room in the budget.

Built by Newport — Newport

Built by Newport

Built by Newport teamed up with Efficiency Vermont to optimize and consolidate their vacuum pumps into a new system that uses half the horsepower. The project was financed through our Business Energy Loan program with an ROI of 2 years and positive cash flow from day one.

Hannaford — Rutland, VT


Like most grocery stores, Hannaford must carefully manage costs in order to be profitable. Keeping a large amount of fresh food on-hand is no simple task. A lot of energy goes into keeping the store well-stocked, and refrigeration costs account for a big part of overhead.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont — Berlin

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont

In 2008, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont spent more than $900 per day in electricity costs. Recently, the company has been spending less than $500 per day.

Brace Farm — Ferrisburg

Brace Farm

Brace Farm Incorporated is a dairy owned and operated by the Brace family since 1984. Twice per day, 140 Holsteins are milked in a tie stall, and over four million pounds of milk are shipped through the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery every year.

Isovolta Inc. — Rutland

Isovolta Inc.

Established in 1952, ISOVOLTA manufactures mica paper, tapes, and wrappers designed for application in high voltage electrical insulation systems used in large motors and generators. After over half a century in business, much of ISOVOLTA’s equipment matched the company in age.

Mehuron's Market — Waitsfield


Mehuron’s Market is a family-owned, independent grocery store located in the bustling ski town of Waitsfield. With an array of aging freezer and refrigerator cases, owner Tom Mehuron knew that it was time to begin upgrading.

Okemo Mountain Resort — Ludlow

Okemo Mountain Resort

Getting skiers and riders to the top of the mountain just got a lot more cost-effective, thanks to a recent innovation at Okemo Mountain Resort.

Carris Reels — Rutland

Carris Reels

Founded in Rutland, Vermont in 1951, Carris Reels, Inc. manufactures industrial reels and spools and now has nine locations throughout North America.

Mount Snow Grand Summit Resort Hotel — West Dover

Mount Snow Grand Summit Resort Hotel

The Mount Snow Grand Summit Resort Hotel stands just a few hundred feet from the end of Beaver Hill, Grand Summit Express lift, and several other mountain trails at the nearly sixty-year-old ski attraction in West Dover.

Thistle Hill Pottery — East Montpelier

Thistle Hill Pottery

Jennifer Boyer owns a small pottery studio in Montpelier. She and her husband are active in the community and dedicated to energy issues around the state.

Rochester Public Library — Rochester

Rochester Public Library

Built in 1840 as a church, the building that houses the Rochester Public Library has long been an important gathering place for the community—but it was cold in the winter months due to poor insulation and air sealing.

Danby First Congregational Church — Danby

Danby First Congregational Church

The staff of Danby’s First Congregational Church was looking for a way to reduce their fuel usage. Utility bills had become burdensome, especially given their limited use of the building.

78 Barre Street LLC — Montpelier

78 Barre Street LLC

This building houses three apartments and a business in Montpelier, Vermont. Due to poor ventilation, all of the tenants were contending with persistent mold. The owner contracted with Weatherization and Renovation of Montpelier (W.A.R.M.) to take a holistic look at the building, and develop and implement a plan to address comfort, health, and energy costs.

Vermont Precision Tools — Swanton

Vermont Precision Tools

With a strong commitment to energy savings, Vermont Precision Tools’ partnership with Efficiency Vermont exemplifies an approach called Continuous Energy Improvement. This approach, which includes regular maintenance, capital upgrades, process improvements, and employee engagement, can yield impressive energy savings.

Tristar Motors — Hardwick

Tristar Motors

Robert Molleur’s Hardwick car dealership needed some new exterior lights, so he visited Efficiency Vermont’s website. He knew he would find information on the best choices for energy-efficient lighting, and maybe even some rebates to help him make an upgrade. What he didn’t know is just how happy he would be with the lighting he chose, or how much money it would actually save him.

Roxbury Community Hall — Roxbury

Roxbury Community Hall

In 2011, the historic Roxbury Community Hall suffered extensive damage in Tropical Storm Irene. Rather than simply restoring the Hall to its original state, the town’s energy committee decided to take advantage of the opportunity to rebuild, and renovate the building in a way that would ensure maximum energy efficiency and financial sustainability for years to come.

Lyndon Town School — Lyndonville

Lyndon Town School

Lighting in the Lyndon Town School was inefficient and expensive. In an effort to save money and improve the learning environment, school leaders undertook a comprehensive lighting upgrade throughout the 105,000 square foot facility.