Solutions for My Business

Whatever your business, Efficiency Vermont can help you save money on energy-efficient equipment you buy today and on your energy costs for years to come. Get started by choosing from the following:

Agriculture & Farms

Take advantage of energy- and cost- saving opportunities on your dairy, horse, and livestock farms, and fruit orchards, greenhouses, and maple sugaring operations.

Colleges & Universities

Green-up your campus and save money by starting an energy efficiency project at your college or university.

Commercial Offices

Increase the comfort of your office building, while saving energy and money.

Convenience Stores

Save money and create a better shopping environment at your convenience store, general store, or mini-mart with energy-efficient equipment.

Grocery Stores

Lower your grocery store or supermarket’s energy costs and boost your bottom line with energy-efficient equipment.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Improve the experience of your patients and help sustain operations by making energy-efficient choices.

K-12 Schools

Improve learning environments and reduce costs by making energy efficiency upgrades at your school.


Save money with energy efficiency, whether you run a quaint country bed & breakfast, full-service hotel, motel, or large resort.


Reduce costs while increasing production efficiency by choosing energy-efficient equipment and optimizing existing equipment and processes.

Municipal & State Government

Green-up your town, city, and state buildings with energy efficiency and save taxpayer dollars.

Residential Rental Properties

Increase the appeal of your residential rental properties and save money with energy efficiency improvements.


Choose from a menu of energy-saving opportunities to improve your profit margin and increase your customer’s comfort.

Retail Stores

Create a winning retail setting with energy-efficient equipment and strengthen your bottom line with cost savings.

Ski Areas

Boost your resort’s environmental stewardship and reduce operating costs by increasing the energy efficiency of snowmaking systems and guest facilities.

Small Businesses

Switch to more energy-efficient equipment to lower energy use and boost your business’ bottom line.

Other Businesses

Ways to save for all businesses.

Water & Wastewater Facilities

Improve your facility’s operations and save money with energy-saving upgrades.