Improve facility operations and save money.

Wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs) can account for 50% or more of municipal electrical costs. Many municipal WWTFs can reduce their energy use by 20-30% -- resulting in downward pressure on municipal budgets.

Municipalities have a broad range of opportunities for saving energy at their wastewater treatment plants. First, many WWTFs are 30-40 years old and are due for major facility upgrade. Efficiency Vermont can work with your municipality to help ensure that the most cost-effective, long-term solutions are considered. These solutions involve an examination and comparison of options that consider both the capital and operating costs associated with these upgrades.

Beyond major facility upgrades, municipalities have a range of more immediate opportunities for saving energy. For example, aeration systems typically use 30-70% of total energy at a treatment plant. Automated controls, such as sensors that can detect oxygen levels, can achieve up to 50% savings with a payback of less than one year in many cases.

How Efficiency Vermont Can Help.

Efficiency Vermont can provide a range of technical and financial support to help your municipality improve the efficiency of your WWTF and significantly lower energy costs. Our assistance includes:

  • Technical assistance: Evaluating the relative efficiency of your facility, conducting preliminary design review, and conducting financial analysis;
  • Financial support: Providing significant financial support for conducting a comprehensive energy audit of your facility to help identify energy saving opportunities. Further, Efficiency Vermont provides financial incentives for the actual efficiency upgrades at the facility; and,
  • Operator roundtables: Organizing regional roundtables for WWTF operators on best practices for improving efficiency at WWTF. These free roundtable discussions offer wastewater treatment facility operators the opportunity to learn how process optimization can save energy and money. These roundtables are made possible through a partnership between the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and Efficiency Vermont.

Take the Next Step.

Municipalities are asked to work closely with Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources in the development of a WWTF Efficiency Upgrade Project, including developing a prioritized list of actions for improving efficiency at your facility.

Efficiency Vermont is soliciting enrollment in this limited-time offer from Vermont municipalities. We encourage you to learn more by contacting our Customer Support Department at 888-921-5990 x7740.